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Meet the Bra Dryer 2.0

Ricasol: Dry your bra and maintain its shape

Are you tired of damaging your bras by drying them in a conventional dryer? If so, you’re not alone. Women also dry their bras by line drying them, hanging them up on a shower bar or door knob, or by using a hair dryer. However, all of these methods of drying luxurious bras are impractical and will most likely damage your bras. Bras with underwires need to be treated with special care because the delicate components can get damaged from conventional drying methods. There are other concerns to keep in mind when drying your bras as well — your bras can also smell like mildew from hanging them up to dry in humid locations. Not to mention if your bras have lovely detailing such as lace, flowers, or beads, it is especially important to protect these intricate details! No one likes to spend money on a beautiful and supportive bra, especially after taking a long time to find the perfect fitting bra for your breast size, only to have it ruined by using a conventional dryer and other impractical drying methods. That’s why the Ricasol™ Bra Dryer 2.0 was invented.

A bra should not only maintain its excellent shape for months to come, but it should also do its job by supporting your breasts and making you feel confident in your skin. A bra can do all this and more if you take care of it properly. It also will last more than six months, depending on the original quality of your bra, with the help of Ricasol Bra Dryer. With Bra Dryer your bra will stay beautiful and damage free. After all, that’s the way it’s meant to be. If this sounds fairly simple, it’s because it is! It’s that easy because you and your lingerie are worth it. Support your breasts with a fabulous bra and feel confident knowing your bras will maintain their shape for months to come with the help of Bra Dryer 2.0.

How Does Ricasol Work?

Ricasol is a ground-breaking concept of appliance that is designed to dry your bra quickly and efficiently. It also helps preserve your bra’s shape, making your shape the best it can be. The approximate drying time is only 20-30 minutes as opposed to the hours it normally takes to air dry your simple or luxurious bras. More technologically speaking, Ricasol uses an infrared light that gently warms up your bra and evaporates the moisture in the bra padding and fabric. Hence the induced air flow removes the moisture leaving you with a dry and beautiful bra.

What’s more, it’s fantastic news that you can dry your bras without worrying about damaging their spandex material, underwire, and other features that help your bra maintain its shape and pretty appearance. The Bra Dryer is also easy to use and store. Store our bra dryer in your laundry room, bedroom, or anywhere else where it’s convenient to store and easy to retrieve. Take it out whenever it’s time to dry your bra and look glam in a fabulous new outfit on the very same day!

Bra Dryer Will Do This:

  • Preserves the shape of your bras (because you and your shape deserve it)
  • Dries your bra quickly (so you can do other tasks!)
  • Provides you with more free time (allowing you to get ready for the day, go on a date, or be more productive on other tasks in general)

Bra Dryer Will Not Do This:

  • Damage your bras (as in conventional dryers)
  • Taking many hours to dry (when you air dry them)
  • Take too much of your time (when your dry them using a hair dryer)

Bra Dryer concept was conceived by Alexander Farennikov and the thought came to him during a conversation with a friend. The friend mentioned that drying larger sized bras was not only an inconvenience, but drying them in conventional ways was also damaging them. Thus these impractical drying methods were forcing women to buy more quality bras more frequently. She suggested that an appliance should be invented that would help dry them quickly and efficiently. Alexander decided to take the challenge and a year later Bra Dryer Generation 1 was born.

In regards to coming up with the Bra Dryer design, common sense and research made it apparent that there was currently no existing organic ways to dry bras. A design had to be made that would not only dry a bra on a flat surface, but the design would also need to be as close as possible to a woman’s breast and torso shape. Therefore, Bra Dryer is now shaped accordingly and works by blowing warm air that’s close to the same temperature as a human body’s temperature through the fabric and padding of the bra.

The original concept was introduced in 2009, during the peak of the economic meltdown, and thus the Bra Dryer was not put into production at that time. However, now the time has come to release this innovative product, especially now that Bra Dryer design has evolved. This time around Bra Dryer plans to manufacture the one of a kind product after additional marketing and product research is complete.

Since 2009, when the first version of Bra Dryer was presented, it has received enormous attention from the media and blogosphere. Thank you! Here are some notable names who gave Bra Dryer shout outs:

Bra Dryer Q&A

Answering frequently asked questions

From all of the hype that took place when the first concept of Bra Dryer was revealed in 2009, there were some frequent questions that people asked:

Does it come in different sizes?

Bra Dryer is suitable for drying bras with sizes A to H. The front of the dryer is replaceable and is available for sizes A-B, C-D, E-F and G-H (2"-8", US cup sizes) and it also has adjustable length straps in the back which are used to accommodate different band sizes.

How does it work?

Bra Dryer uses infrared light to warm up and evaporate moisture in the bra padding and fabric, allowing induced air flow to remove the moisture. The appliance's control panel allows you to select the bra type and amount of padding, which automatically sets up an optimal air temperature and volume. The rest is magic!

Does it produce a lot of heat?

No, Bra Dryer's infrared lamps produce radiant energy and it is commonly known that infrared technology does not heat the air directly. Infrared technology warms up the surfaces that are exposed to infrared waves; hence this is how the clever technology heats up the surface of the Bra Dryer and the bra itself.

Is it energy-efficient?

Electrically-heated infrared heaters radiate up to 86% of their input as radiant energy. Infrared heaters are most energy efficient when the emitted wavelength and the absorption spectrum of the materials that are heated are matched. The absorption spectrum of water has its peak at around 3,000 nm, and the Bra Dryer uses appropriately tuned infrared lamps to reach maximum efficiency. The fans used to induce air flow through the fabric of the bra are also technologically advanced components that are used for high performance and high energy efficiency electronic appliances.

A hair dryer is a less expensive alternative, isn't it?

Given the level of complexity, Bra Dryer is more efficient at drying your bra as opposed to a hair dryer and will also take half the amount of time. Hair dryers prices range from $30 to $250 (with a few high end products costing up to $700), and the retail price of Bra Dryer is $150-$200, making it the obvious choice. If you desire to cut back on time and preserve your bra’s shaping and pretty elements such as lace and beading, Bra Dryer is ideal.

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